Hello, my name is Gregory, and I welcome you on the pages of my journal.

I started my career in programming in 2007, and since then, I am an avid addict of this arcane craft. The main chunk of my work lies in the realm of high-level business programming – JVM family of languages, Android, IoT, Web servers, etc. But I always was fascinated by the efficiency, simplicity, and raw performance of low-level languages.

I was born in Moscow, but now I am striving to live farther away from big cities – in a place where I can focus on the things, which are essential for me – my family, my craft and myself.

This place is dedicated to one of my programming hobbies – Computer Graphics.

People enjoy things that they can see and comprehend. I started my career as a serverside programmer, and all was great – clients were connecting, servers were happily blinking on their racks.

But at some point, I started losing inspiration in my work. The answer was on the surface – I was not able to see the results. And I decided to switch to Android. A similar set of tools, but now I can see, touch, and even feel the application.

I spent quite some time looking for a hobby with similar merits – Computer Graphics fills the role just right.

The usual approach to CG is with low-level languages – some constructs can be implemented more efficiently. But I want to tackle this ancient domain with a different set of tools – the same, which I use for my day-to-day duties.

There are two justifications: first of all, this is a sort of show & tell and it will be easier to understand what is going on this way. But the second reason is more important – I strongly believe in the power of abstraction.

The main focus of this journal is an offline renderer called Blaster – it will include all the necessary editors and executables. They will be accompanied by a tool called Lem – this tool will help me converting the codebase into articles.

Hope you will have a great time, enjoy reading!