I started my career in the industry of game development and pretty soon moved into Java-based server-side. Then Android came. Currently, I’m a software developer with hands-on experience in a programming full stack – from the server-side database to a user interface implementation – and my strongest side is RESTful interactions and complex mechanics. I am always looking for something new for myself and open to discussion.

Here is a quick summary of what you can find in my resume:

• Full-stack Android expertise (SDK/NDK/AOSP), ~6 years
• Strong JVM (Java/Kotlin) skills, including parallelism, generics and reflection, ~8 years
• Exposure to server-side and Web development, ~5 years
• Low-level C/C++ background, including 11/14 features, ~6 years
• Significant experience in Industrial Software Engineering, ~12 years
• Passion for IoT, Real-time Multimedia, and Machine Learning
• Team lead, personal coach, blogger, and hobbyist
• Native Russian, fluent English (IELTS 7.5), international exposure

If you want to see the full official version, there is no place better than my LinkedIn profile.
I also have a Twitter account, and sometimes I even write there.